Board Care

To Clean:  Use lukewarm water and light-duty soap.  Wash both sides of board and edges too!  Dry board as much as possible with dish towel and allow board to finish drying standing up on its edge.  Drying in this manner will help avoid uneven moisture build-up which can warp any wood product.  Please do not put boards, or any wood products, in a dishwasher or leave boards submerged in water as they will warp.  

Oil & Wax:  A couple of times per year, apply thin layer of food-grade mineral oil, rub into board and let sit for at least 3 hours before wiping down the surface.  For extra protection, apply a cutting-board wax and buff with a cloth rag after 30 minutes.  We strongly recommend Walrus-brand Oils and Waxes (personal board-care sized bottles/tins available for purchase through Chipdog Woodworking) although any food-safe mineral oil and beeswax products will work fine.

To Resurface:  If board develops too many scratches or knife marks over time, sand board flat with orbital sander or plain 'ol sandpaper & some elbow grease.  Then oil and wax your board to bring it back to it's original luster.  Chipdog boards are sanded through 240 grit.  We do not recommend cutting on epoxy river boards.

Contact us for any specific board-care questions.