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Chipdog Woodworking

End Grain Cutting Board - Cherry, Maple & Walnut

End Grain Cutting Board - Cherry, Maple & Walnut

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This one-of-a-kind 12"x15"x1.5" "Butcher Block Style" board is made from hand-selected Maple, Cherry, and Walnut lumber.  The combination of the creamy Maple, rich reddish-brown Cherry, and dark chocolate Walnut makes for an absolutely stunning and  durable product.  These pieces are handmade in our Massachusetts, USA workshop using food-safe Titebond III Wood Glue and are treated with Walrus-brand Oil and Wood Wax.  

Prefer another pattern? wood species? board size? engraving, epoxy or wood inlays?  Contact us and let's discuss!

Note: Please allow for very slight variations in board dimensions.


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